Things That Rhyme with Orange is a the 4th track off of I Set My Friends on Fire's album, You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter.

Music Video Edit

The music video centers around a guy, his girlfriend, and an orange monster. The guys is walking with the girl when two bullies push the guy on the ground. An orange monster pops up and scares away the two bullies then, hands the guy a flower. The guy and the monster do various things together like riding a bike and getting tacos. Later, the monster gets surrounded by a group of people who are taking pictures. The monster drops his phone and their is a text to the guy's girlfriend saying "Tonights gonna be fun." The guy thinks that the monster is trying to bag his girlfriend. He gets mad at the monster and then screams the words "Were done." He then sits on a beach alone, most likely to gather his thoughts. After this, he goes to his house and see's that they threw him a surprise party. The video ends with the guy and the monster hugging.

Trivia Edit

  • This music video's director was Dan Dobi.

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