I Set My Friends on Fire is a Post-Hardcore band from Miami, Florida consisting of Matt Mehana and Chris Lent. Nabil Moo left the band in 2010 to go to school. His return is indefinate. Often they are categorized as an Electronic Hardcore band.

History Edit

The duo first made themselves known on MySpace, where their rendition of Soulja Boy Tell 'Em's "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" (originally entitled "Crank That Cavalry Boy") received more than one million plays. Nonetheless, the trio's MySpace page was removed three times because MySpace had assumed that the trio were using software to increase the number of plays.

The duo was signed to Epitaph Record in 2008 and released their album, You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter later that year in October. The album had an average rating of 1.5*.

In 2009, Chris Lent was added to the band as their permanant drummer. Later on that year, in July, the band released their first music video for the song Things That Rhyme With Orange.

On June 15th, 2010, the trio released the demo for their song "Excite Dyke." Soon after that, Nabil Moo has left the band to go to school. Blake Steiner will replace Nabil for the time being if Nabil decides to return after school.

Band Members Edit

Current Members Edit

  • 1. Matt Mehana - Lead Vocals, Lyrics (2007-Present)
  • 2. Chris Lent - Drums, Percussion, Keys, Programming (2009-Present)

Former Members Edit

  • 1. Nabil Moo - Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Drums, Keys, Synths, Programming, Back-Up Vocals, Lyrics (2007-2010)

Touring Members Edit

  • 1. Blake Steiner - Guitar (2010-Present)

Albums Edit

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